In early 2014, Checkerboard will be transitioning users to This change will simplify and eliminate any confusion in our addressing services.

We strongly encourage you to use on your current order. We will accept and process any EasyAddressing list submitted via EasyInvite. You can even use your EasyAddressing template on EasyInvite. Please note that EasyInvite does not currently support inner envelopes.

Create new guest list

To begin entering your guest list, simply select the printing services you require and click on Create New List

Envelope Printing Service

Please note that labels for pillow pack envelopes will be printed on clear labels.
The addresses for the policy and "pillow pack" envelopes will be printed on clear labels

Please note that inner envelopes are only available on regular rectangular envelopes. Inners are not available on french flap, bavarian flap, square, or pillow pack envelopes.
What are Inner Envelopes?
Please note that inner envelopes are only available with standard, rectangular wallet flap envelopes like these. Inner envelopes are not available if you have requested square, French Flap, Bavarian, or other specialty envelope.

Method of guest list input

Edit existing guest list

If you have already begun an address list and would like to continue working on it, enter your list number in the field below.